Friday, December 9, 2016

Extra Credit!

Piper Freestone

What exactly are InTASC and ISTE standards? Well, let me tell you. First of all, InTASC standards is an acronym that stands for The Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium! According to CCSSO,  InTASC "is a consortium of state education agencies and national educational organizations dedicated to the reform of the preparation, licensing, and on-going professional development of teachers." Its main purpose is to assure that the teacher is doing what they can to make sure that all students are able to learn and perform at high levels.

According to, ISTE standards stand for International Society for Technology in Education, and can be defined as "the definitive framework for successfully implementing digital strategies to positively impact learning, teaching and leading in our technology-powered world." We have these standards to evaluate the skills that students need to learn effectively and be productive in world that is full of growing and improving technology.

These standards are written from the perspective of teachers. Some vocabulary from the standards that seem to be most useful are "development", "diversity", and "technology". To me, these all seem vital to teaching because it is important to notice the diversity of learners in a classroom and help with their learning development. Technology is growing and improving every day and is now a large part of society, so it is important to include it in the education in classrooms as well. Technology can enhance achievement of the standards in this way, as well. It is a large part of life- it's everywhere we go. Therefore, it is important to educate students on technology and appropriate ways to make use of it in everyday life.

These standards can enhance BOTH teacher and student performance. It helps teachers grow as educators to successfully educate students in the classroom no matter their learning abilities. They can guide the design of instruction by helping teachers know what to teach and why it is important to teach them. They provide an outline to help teachers provide the best education to their students that they possibly can!

These standards will be used in my future classroom to help guide me to become the best educator I can be for my students! I can easily refer to the standards to create ideas on how to create a lesson that supports the standards! All in all, these standards are vital to teaching and can be used many ways in a classroom!

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